Elder Samson Kayode Sangolade
Transitional Committee Chairman
Yewa South Local Government
Ogun State of Nigeria
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About the Local Government

The Local Government
The history of Yewa South Local Government dates back to 1954 when the then Ilaro District Council like other district councils in the country was composed of traditional rulers and elected members with the whites serving as secretaries. Later in 1958, it moved to a more embracing council with the emergence of the Egbado Divisonal Council.
In 1964, the tenure was ended with an interregnum as a result of the political crisis in the then Western Region. At that time, district officers were mandated to take care of the districts. However, in 1969, towards the end of Nigerian Civil War, advisory committee was put in place to give way to the famous Council Manager systems in 1973.
The Local Government Edict No. 9 of 1976 marked the turning point when the four viz Ilaro, Egbado-Ifonyin, Ipokia and Ado-Odo/Igbesa were merged to form a formidable administration - then Egbado South Local Government with headquarters at Ilaro.
Various changes have taken place since 1976 in the Local Government governance. The military intervention in 1983 has also affected grassroot governance not leaving out Egbado South. Parts of Ado-Odo Ota and entire Ipokia Local Government have been carved out of then Egbado South Local Government.
The struggle for change continued until December 10, 1997 when the military administration in Council in a notice published by authority at Abeokuta on December 18, 1997 in an extraordinary Ogun State of Nigeria Gazette NO 52 VOL 22 page 109, changed the name to Yewa South Local Government.

Yewa South Local Government shares boundaries with Yewa North and Ipokia Local Governments in the North and South respectively and in the West and East by Ifo and Ado-Odo/Ota Local Governments.

Land Area
Yewa South Local Government is naturally endowed with large expanse of land measuring about 163,750 hectares, and a population of 168,850 according to the 1991 provisional census.

The People
The inhabitants of the Local Government are mainly Yoruba speaking with various dialects like Yewa, Anago. Other ethnic groups also exist in a peaceful atmosphere like Hausas, Igbos, Igedes etc. The Yewa River is an important linkage in the Local Government area. The three main religions - Christianity, Islam, traditional religions are well practiced. There are ten wards in the Local Government and they include - Ilaro I, II & III, Iwoye, Idogo, Owode I & II, Ilobi-Erinja, Ajilete and Okeodan Wards. There are also two major blocks - Ilaro and Ifekowajo.

Occupational Distribution
The people of Yewa South Local Government area are predominantly farmers and traders while a few people engage in craftmanship. The main crops grown in the area include cassava, yam, palm kernel, maize, cocoa, breadfruit, melon, cocoyam, apara, pepper, kolanut, vegetables and fruits and poultry and arable products like eggs, fowls goat, sheep and cow milk.